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DONALD TRUMP : changing things of the world

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According to us, things of this world must change. And the only one person who have the punch to do that is no other else than Donald Trump. What did Obama and Hilary Clinton did about US policy with Africa ? How many countries did both of them visit ? Hilary is not known in Africa as Henri Kissinger did. The day Obama was chosen as the president of the United Nations, all Africans cried of joy, seeing though that man the savior who will do something in Africa. But, of course, nothing was done !

Obama promised to change the face of Africa by building a new and a strong line or system of democracy. Sixteen countries were so told to establish a policy based on a really democracy in which the alternation or rotation must be placed above all. But, considering things by now, we can say that Obama and Hilary Clinton failed in their policy with Africa. Dictators are still in place and death caused by different cases of violence are always darkening the life of thousands of people.

We were very affected when hearing Donald Trump saying after the murder of more than 500 Blacks (Afro-Americans) during this year 2016 : " I will have an eye on your protection if I were chosen as president. See by yourselves how they are killing you " (To complete Donald Trump, we can say : see how you are being killed as toads !).

Where have all these Blacks, shot by white policemen gone ? Gone to the grave-yard everyone ! When will they ever learn ? Why do these murderers shoot right in the bust or in the head ? Instead to shoot in the legs ? These men you are killing have also their right to life ! Where is Alton Sterling ? Where are Philando Castile, Feddie Gray and others ? They have been sent sooner to the graveyard everyone by the baddies ! Baddies who till now are running easily and quietly the road.

Things must be gone changing now all over the world ! And the only artisan to make it is Donald Trump !

Written by Idia Zo.

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